Economy SteamDry Carpet Cleaning

When would you want the SteamDry Carpet Cleaning Economy package for your home?

When you have:

  • a high soil level (the carpet is really dirty)
  • you have pet stains and contamination
  • you have not had your carpet professionally cleaned in at least 12 months
  • you need to remove contaminants like mold, drywall dust, or a heavy load of particulates
  • you have tough stains like kool-aid, oil or grease, plant stains, etc
  • you want to get the most cleaning results for the least amount of money
  1. The first step in any carpet cleaning project is to remove as much dry soil as possible through thorough vacuuming. To save money,  you can vacuum the carpet before we arrive.
  2. Spots and traffic areas are pre-treated to give the cleaning solution time to loosen the soil.
  3. Furniture is moved as needed. To save money, you move your selected furniture or small things out of the way before we arrive.
  4. The soil is extracted with our powerful truck-mounted equipment.
  5. Post spotting is performed as needed.
  6. Forced air drying allows use of the carpet as quickly as possible.

You still get a thorough truck-mounted carpet cleaning system but we don’t spend time vacuuming and moving furniture. It saves us time and you money. It’s the best value in carpet cleaning on the market.

Your total investment for the SteamDry Carpet Cleaning Economy package is $43.00 per room (less than 250 s.f.) with a 3 room minimum (a flight of steps counts as a room).

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